May 6, 2011 - Friday 9:37pm

I don't yet have a picture with my Mama, but surely, I'll post it :]

Happy Mother's Day to all of my friends' Mama/Mommy/Nanay/Inay ! I will also thank them for bearing you in this wonderful world and letting me know and have you as my friend!

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I hope you'll get inspired by this message of mine for my very loved Mother.

For about 9 months, she carried me on her own womb.
She took care of me before, during and after I was born.
The first one who taught me 1,2,3... and A,B,C... .
And the very source of my talents, skills and knowledge.
Now, even if I become a very hard-headed daughter, she's still there to protect and love me.
Even if she doesn't congratulate me on my achievements, I know how proud she is for having me as hers.
I can even hear her boasting my medals and awards on our neighborhood.
And even see her smile at me whenever I perform on stage, in front of the crowd's watchful eyes.

Everytime I act silly because of my personal problems including 'LOVE', she seems to ignore it but in the time I'm asleep, she'll gonna browse my phone and diary to find out what keeps on bothering me.
She'll burst out teasing me and my present suitor/boyfriend's flaws but when we're quiet alone, she will give me advice to focus on my study first.
She may be a KJ in every barkada hang-outs I have, but she is the best girl friend I have.

Every weekends, holidays, and vacations, she would gone mad whenever I don't work at household chores.
But believe me, I'm really amaze on how she could do alone all the chores even after washing a thousand loads of clothing.

nagger, strict, old-fashioned, and do always oppose my decisions (esp. in love ♥). Yet, she's the same woman that God have given to me which I should be thankful for. Despite of her negativeness, my Mama together with my Papa, are my inspirations, strengths, and weaknesses.

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    Author Says:

    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my first playmate/teacher/bestfriend, No. 1 fan/critic/judge and will always be.  :* Thank her also, my friends, 'cause without this woman, you wouldn't know the same me. :)


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